All natural Spa Tonic & Spa Treatment are now available in Australia!
Tired of testing your spa water weekly? Worried about the effects of noxious chemicals on you and your family? Not to mention that harsh chemical smell! There is a better solution! It's called Spa Tonic and Spa Treatment - the chemical-free, low maintenance spa water treatment.

Better for you, your spa & the environment!

So easy to use - just one bottle every 3 months!
Say goodbye to time consuming ph tests & adjustments
No need for harmful or smelly chemicals!
No more dried skin, irritating rashes or sore, red eyes
It actually softens your skin - no need to shower after
Doesn't pollute the environment
Makes money sense - one bottle lasts 3 months

Spa Treatment and Spa Tonic use seaweed enzymes, not chemicals, to maintain spa water. Spa Treatment is a natural deep cleanser that dissolves any existing chemical or mineral residue in your spa's equipment. Spa Tonic is a natural spa water purifier. One bottle will keep your spa water clean and healthy for 3 months. No more pH tests and chemical adjustments as Spa Tonic automatically balances your water, like magic! All you have to do is clean your filter regularly.

Clean, healthy, simple...

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